Ladder Type Cable Trays

The Ladder Type Cable Trays manufactured by Hind Runway Systems are built with world class quality specifications. We manufacure Ladder Type Cable Trays with different widths ranging from 150mm to 1200 mm and height ranging from 50 mm to 150 mm. The varies from 1.6 mm to 2.5mm & as per customer requirement with all accessories. These trays comprises of two longitudinal side rails connected by individual transverse members called rungs.

Finish : Hot dip galvanised, Redoxide, Enamel painted & Power Coated
Materials : Mild Steel, Pregalvanised.
Length : Standard length of tray is 2500mm
Steel : As per IS: 2062/ 1079
Galvanising : As per IS: 2629 / 4759

Accessories : We provide all necessary accessories for Ladder Type Cable Trays like straight ladder, horizontal elbow, horizontal tee, horizontal cross, horizontal reducer, vertical elbow up, inside, vertical elbow down, outside, coupler plate, fasteners etc.